How to find the perfect VA

As a solopreneur, you’ve functioned for a long time as just you. Bringing someone new into your business is probably a really nerve-racking thought. I wholeheartedly believe it’s important to find someone that will treat your business with as much love and care as you do yourself.

So where might I find my perfect VA?

Maybe a networking group. A group where you feel you can give yourself a voice and feel included. If you feel comfortable and supported, you are more likely to relax and be yourself. Most networking groups also have publications, directories, or a member’s website enabling you to use those facilities to look for a VA that you can go on to research or talk to in person and get to know. (One of my wonderful clients found me this way).

Albeit a little daunting sometimes, social media is a great place to find a VA. But it does open up a virtual world like no other. Connections grow and you find people online you didn’t even know you were looking for! But you’re looking for help to support your small business and that one post, or that one line on someone else’s post captures your eye and bam…you’re connected, and you start learning more and more about your new connection.

Social Media is a fantastic place to get to know people. Personally, I have made many connections on social media over the last few months and as I’ve posted a mix of personal and work-related content, people have followed, watched and listened. I have stepped out of my comfort zone on many occasions to show who I am. I’ve shown my face, shown what I believe in, shown that I have children and a family, shown that I am a real person with values and heart. Why not do the same and make your VA come to you?

But how do I know who will fit well with me and my business?

Be you. I’ve made clients in ways I never expected. The printing whizz who made my business cards, the powerhouse who photographed me during a freebie headshots session, chatting to people at networking. We didn’t start out looking for each other. But innocent conversations meant we got to know each other. We realised we had a lot in common and we connected.

Finding the right person virtually means it could be scary getting to know someone who you’ve never met in person before. But if that person you are following is genuinely showing their true self online and you get that gut feeling that you like what they are saying and what they represent, you are more likely to buy from the person you connect with. But let’s not forget, there’s still Zoom, Teams and the good old phone to follow up that gut feeling that you want this person working with you. Depending on location, you may even get to meet in person too over a coffee and chat – not forgetting the cake!

Listen to them. Do they speak in a similar way you do? Would they convey the same care and attention about your business the way you would? Do you like what they have to say? Does it resonate with you?

And lastly, look for people who make you feel all the right emotions – happy, protected, reassured, inspired, excited.

But do make sure…

You take your time. Don’t rush into making a decision. Finding the right online business support for your unique business will take a bit of research, some sitting back and listening to what people have to say and recognising that gut feeling of trust that this person can come into your business and help you in the way you want help, support your business in the way you want it to.


That it’s OK that not everyone is going to be the perfect fit. As a VA, I’d be more than happy to have a chat and recommend someone else. It’s really important you are a great fit for each other, otherwise it will spell disaster from the very beginning.

And finally…

Finding that someone will be amazing and will support you in a way you never realised possible. Using a snippet of a testimonial I received at the end of 2022, “Clair has made a massive difference to my work load this year. I would not have been able to do it all without her”

That’s what you want to be saying. And you can. Why do it alone when they are incredible VAs out there who have the time, skills, knowledge and the passion for supporting small businesses just like yours, who want to champion you and your business-baby and be your leading cheerleader.

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