Mentor or no mentor

As I rapidly approach my 1 year anniversary of launching my flipping awesome VA business, I wanted to reach out to a couple of VA related people, without whom, I would have never have got this far.

Firstly, Gwen Backhouse FInstAM of Curlew Secretarial Solutions . I’ve known Gwen since we were in high school. Gwen set up a VA business 9 years ago and I’ve watched her success grow with admiration and happiness. When lockdown #1 hit, my pivotal moment came and wanting to stay self employed and knowing my love of admin, it was a natural sidestep. I had no hesitation in reaching out to Gwen to find out more about the world of being a VA. We had a lovely chat and it was great to actually talk to each other after 20 odd years! Gwen had no hesitation in recommending the next lady I owe credit to. Since I launched, Gwen has supported me as an associate VA in more ways than she will ever realise ???? From providing me with my first full time client to, and more importantly, her wealth of knowledge and advice that has been absolutely priceless over the last few months. It’s not only lovely that a friendship has been rekindled but without Gwen and our endless catch ups and emails back and forth, she’s enabled me to grow, learn and have confidence in myself resulting in my own business changing and growing. Thank you Gwen ❤

So the lady who Gwen recommended was Amanda Johnson of VA Training Academy® – VACT Limited. In my opinion, the best VA Mentor out there. I had a chat with Amanda in the very beginning and I had no hesitation in sealing the deal. I joined her VA Mastery Course and although it was a big outlay and extremely hard going in places, I am SO glad I undertook Amanda’s course. Having run my own business for 8 year previously, I already understood a lot of the highs and lows of being self employed but this course gave me the absolute bare bones of running a Virtual Assistant business. If you are serious about becoming a VA, I would recommend it to anyone. The foundations that Amanda’s course and subsequent support and advice that she provides to this day, has been phenomenal and it was worth every penny, every frustrated tear and every nugget of information that I absorbed. Thank you Amanda ❤

Amanda will probably agree I’m a bit of a lurker but believe me, the information is being taken on board. I’m doing me in my business and I don’t always follow all the rules, but it’s all there. Maybe for next week, maybe for next year, but I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for these 2 amazing mentors.

It’s an interesting statistic isn’t it? But I AM becoming a success in my own right, my business WILL have longevity and I WILL be one of those 70% because of the support and advice from 2 very special ladies.

Can’t recommend having a great mentor (or 2) in your life and business.

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